Production Technology & Machinery




Muller Martini



  • 80 pp (88 pp), cut off 2x620mm, max with 2250mm
  • 4 color
  • Spine glued A4 production
  • Stitched A3 production


  • 72 pp (80 pp), cut off 2x620mm, max with 1980mm
  • 4 color
  • Spine glued A4 production
  • Stitched A3 production


Rotoman D
  • Heatset web 16 pp
  • 4 color
  • Cut off 620mm, max width 960 mm sheeter
  • Spine glue


  • Sheetfeed
  • 5-color
  • Dryer


  • Stitching and inserting line
  • State of the art
  • Top Speed

Muller Martini

Stitching line Prima
  • 4 sections + cover
Stitching line Primera
  • 6 sections + cover


  • Packaging, Inserting, Gathering.
  • Fastest in Europe.


Stitching line Osako
  • 7 sections + cover + insert with glue drop
  • Line Creo Magnus

Gluing line Muller Martini
  • 15 sections + cover
Folding + cutting machines + packaging UV-varnishing

Inserting line Muller Martini
  • Max 3 inserts
Heidelberg Speedmaster CD
  • 102 Format 720 x 1020 mm 5 colors

3E Method

We offer our clients a unique method to analyze CPO-value (cost per order -value) of existing or planned print media products. Based on the CPO analysis we are able to offer our clients a product, which improves either the structure of the product or we may add communicative effects. This method is trade marked as the 3E METHOD where we optimize the cost efficiency and the environmental aspects of the product.


  • Reasonable production line
  • Lower grammage and technical effects in production
  • Increase in sales


  • Higher response in Direct Marketing
  • Higher level of communication
  • More effective marketing
  • Delightful sight


  • ISO 14001
  • Environmental certified printing house and procedures
  • Lower consumption of fibers per product
  • Patented PCC technology for covers
  • The Swan Label



  • 80-96 page, 42.500/hour
  • 72 pp, 42.500/hour
  • 32 pp, 175.000/hour
  • 16 pp, 390.000/hour
  • Varnish, folder & sheeter
  • Standard A4 4 color 8 million copies from raw to ready and packed for delivery within an hour


  • 10-20.000/hour
  • Inserts


  • 50.000/hour
  • Inserts


  • Plastic Packaging up to 26.000/hour
  • 'Pick & Place' solution
  • Ink Jet individualization
  • Labelling

Special Technologies

Hybrid Technology

Smart Technology

We use different ways to make printed materials more interactive. Electronics on paper is one of them. During 2008 UPC was demonstrating the first commercial intelligent book/catalogue; a book/catalogue/magazine which you can send new information to and also read it.


Mobile Access & Interaction -systems (MAI™) UpCode

The new technology for your Cellular Phone; UpCode is a reading program for cameras, by pointing the camera towards an UpCode, phones connect directly to internet sites. UpCode is a very quick and easy way to search for information, purchase or order products or services. To find out more about UpCode speak to one of our team or visit

PCC Cover Technology

12 great advantages of PCC cover technology:

  1. Payback time shorter than with other printing equipments
  2. PCC technology use just 5% of the glue and 30% of paper mass compared with conventional products
  3. No need for highly paid special working force or maintenance personnel
  4. No need for large or specially prepared working space. PCC technology is movable to fit in your existing premises
  5. No need for stocks of raw materials
  6. Economical in both short and long runs. Total production costs 10 to 20 cent/copy
  7. Huge savings in distribution costs due to low grammage
  8. Increase sales. Freedom for designers and binders to satisfy the market. Cover with nice appearance and new interesting functions
  9. The first fully recyclable hard cover technology and extremely environmental friendly due to low raw material usage. The real modern eco-product.
  10. The first and only fully on demand solution which can work even in the bookshop
  11. Can handle all kind of book blocks /stitched from 2 mm and up, softbound or just sewn)
  12. No need of complicated cover preparation procedure. Can even handle plastic and traditional covers hard covers on demand! Individual, multipurpose, economical and flexible on demand!

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